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When the opportunity presents itself, wouldn’t you rather stay in your familiar environment than move into a formal care environment? Care at home services provides you with the option to stay at home with support designed to meet your needs. Whether you are elderly or disabled or just in need of assistance with tasks you find tough. Our staff is available to help.

At Care 4 You Care Agency, We aim for quality care and support for people living in their homes which protects and improves their health and well-being. We wish to satisfy the health needs of every of our service users and to direct our care and support individually and corporately. Also, we aim at ensuring the privacy, rights, and status of our users come first at all times. We have a reputable experience in giving perfect quality individual-centered care to people around London area.

From the onset, we present service users with a detailed picture of what they might need and suggest what is important to users to ensure that a personalized package of care and support can be arranged.

Our technique at Care 4 You Care Agency is built for our users’ comfort and satisfaction while we ensure to sustain and prompt safe conditions.
In need of support or know anyone who does? We provide support in the following areas:

  • Dementia Care

  • Our caregivers have been trained to provide people with dementia quality individual-centered care and support. We aim at relieving the symptoms of dementia by understanding and adhering to the person’s needs.

    Care 4 You Care Agency provides a specialist nursing home for dementia and mentally challenged people. The sole aim is to give the best care and support to these people as well as their caregivers.

  • End of Life Care

  • End-of-life care support is for individuals who are close to death. This service helps them live their last days well with the right care until they die.

    End-of-life care is a very key part of our services rendered. Similar to the rest of our services, we ensure to understand how individuals and their loved ones would like to be cared for.

    Sensitive caregivers are trained to understand the diversity that exists in our society and are cautioned to respect the belief of individuals. We work closely with families and the service user to provide support the way they want it.

  • Attending Appointments

  • At Care 4 You Care Agency, caregivers attend important hospital appointments with service users. Everything from eye checks, dentist, or seeing the GP.

  • Assisting with Medication

  • Our caregivers at home have been duly trained in administering medication to ensure they are skilled to safely support people with medication. Also, they have been taught to follow policies and procedures put in place for giving medications. We often partner with district nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals to ensure safe practices are carried out.

  • Shopping

  • Shopping as you get older becomes challenging and difficult to get out and about, especially when you have bags to carry. At Care 4 You Care Agency we assist with this either by going with you or helping you order via the internet.

  • Housework

  • We help with household chores like cleaning or any other specific jobs one might have difficulty with or maybe just to give your home a regular full clean, our staff will have them done to your comfort.

  • Preparing Meals

  • Eating a well-balanced diet is an essential part of staying healthy. Our caregivers are often also responsible for assisting service users in cooking delicious meals or cooking meals for them. Care 4 You home staff are happy to prepare nutritious meals to be eaten at any time of the day, such as soup, sandwiches, and salads.

  • Personal Care

  • Our caregivers are patient and understand how embarrassing and difficult it may be for people who require personal care support, in the process worry about their independence. Care 4 You staff are trained to put people comfortably, retaining as much independence as possible with their personal care needs.

    We assist our users in the following daily activities:
    • Shaving
    • Support with getting up from and going to bed
    • Getting dressed and undressed
    • Bathing and showering
    • Cleaning teeth
    • Help with using the bathroom and toilet
    • Support with continence care
    • Denture care
    • Awareness of personal hygiene

We Offer Quality and Affordable Service For You.

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